March 12: 
Valley of Queens and Valley of Kings 
Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple
Temples of Karnak and Amon Ra in Luxor

Started the day with a trip to the Valley of the Queens and then the Valley of the Kings.  Not much to see above ground but incredible inside the tombs.  Unfortunately they were very strict about taking pictures. 

I lifted this picture off the internet.  It gives you an idea of how the inside of the tombs were decorated.
Next a stop at Queen Hatshepsut's Temple. She ruled Egypt from 1504 to 1482 BC.  Unfortunately all that is left of the temple is the facade which is certainly impressive enough..
The entrance to the Temple of Karnak in Luxor.  It's hard to convey in pictures the overwhelming size of these temple complexes

The Avenue of the Spinxes outside the Temple of Karnak.

A typical Egyptian shopping center.  This place was just outside the Temple of Karnak.

The Temple of Amon-Ra at the other end of the Avenue of Sphinxes.

The monolith obelisks are amazing.  How did they ever get these things upright.

Went to the sound and light show at the temples in the evening.  It was pretty lame.  I slept through most of it.

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