March 10: Aswan High Dam, boat to Agilka to Temple of Isis

The Aswan High Dam was disappointing.  Not really much to see and not all that impressive.  On the other hand, the Temple of Isis on the island of Agilka, now that was something to seeThey moved the temple from the island of Philae.  Unfortunately the new island was a bit to small so the plaza and columns leading up to the temple are don't line up with the temple entrance as they should. 
Representative of the carvings that are on the walls and ceilings of the temples inside and out. These probably were originally painted. 
I've read a few different things about the "birth house" I don't know if any are correct or perhaps all are correct.  Anyway, the temple is situated to allow Isis to give birth to the new sun each morning.  Also, the temple is dedicated to the god Heru and was used by the Pharaoh in annual rituals reaffirming his right to rule as ordained by the gods.
There has to be an occasional picture of meg and I.  After all, it was our vacation.
After a boat ride back to Aswan we left Aswan and began the trip down the Nile.  Most of the time the passengers would retire to the pool deck for drinks and watching the scenery.

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