The Group
Steve Bickham
Peggi Yacovissi
Bill Yacovissi
Ellie Tombs
Nancy Boston
Kathy Sheneman
Joe Murphy
Nathan Murphy
Craig Devenport
Sheryl Monkelien
Rented a 5 bedroom,
4.5 bath house on Lupine Drive

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The house was very nice and very spacious as you can see in the picture above and to the left. 
On Monday Peggi, Craig, and I skied the greens under the Sourdough lift. 

Joe and Steve spent the morning in Game Creek Bowl and the ladies skied the blues under the Born Free Express.
Before the morning was out Peggi heard China Bowl calling her. 

I'm still awestruck by the vastness of China Bowl. 

I'm looking down on Craig and Peggi in the picture and we've hardly started down the slope.
Craig in China Bowl after an up close and personal experience with the snow.
Lunch was at Two Elks Lodge.

Joe, Steve, and Bill skied Game Creek Bowl and then Blue Slip Bowl in the afternoon.

Click here or on the picture for a You Tube video of the run down to Game Creek Bowl.
Next Day Nancy, Ellie, Kathy, Bill, Steve, Craig, and Joe went to Beaver Creek.

Joe and Steve on some slope at Beaver Creek.
Bill and Steve on the same slope.
We met up with Craig and the ladies for lunch at Spruce Knob.
After lunch the group skied in Larkspur Bowl.

Kathy took this group picture.
I photo-shopped Kathy into the group picture from another picture. 

She fits in rather nicely I would say.
Kathy, Ellie, and Nancy start down Larkspur Bowl.
Nancy looks like she is having fun and I guess you can't have too much fun. 
Kathy takes a break on our run over to Bachelor Gulch.   
  In the afternoon we headed over to Bachelor Gulch to cruise the blues down to the Ritz Carlton

Somewhere in the afternoon, Steve, Bill, and Joe did a bit of tree skiing.

Click here or the picture for a You Tube video of tree skiing.

  Rooms at the Ritz start at $600 a night. 
Well if we can't afford to stay at the Ritz at least we can sit outside and pretend that we're staying there.
Wednesday it was back to Vail.

Peggi, Steve, Bill, and Joe skied Simba and Bwana in the Lionshead Area.  
Joe is hot dogging a bit for the camera. 

Click here for a video of this run.
In the afternoon Joe, Steve, and Bill skied Sun Up and Sun Down Bowls. 

Sun Up is as vast as China Bowl and in my opinion the best of the back country bowls at Vail

Joe and Steve in Sun Down Bowl.   
Here is a video of the run out from Sun Down Bowl to the High Noon Express.

Click the picture or Click here for the You Tube video. 

Thursday it was back to Vail and the Sourdough Lift area.

We met Steve and Sheryl on the slopes.

Click here for the You Tube video of the run down Tin Pants
Craig and Peggi went in for lunch at the Mid- Vail Lodge.

I decided to make another tree skiing video with some tongue-in-cheek commentary.

Boy did I get my comeuppance. 

Click the picture or here for the You Tube video.

After my tumble in the trees lunch sounded like a good idea.

I found Craig and Peggi sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and relative warmth of the day.

I guess my camera was still snow logged from being buried in snow in the trees.

Anyway I shot another video of the mountain through the snowy lens. 

Click the picture or here for the video.
The group minus Joe and Nate assembled at the Mid-Vail Lodge for lunch.  
In the afternoon Joe joined Steve and Bill for another round of bowl skiing.

Kathy joined Ellie, and Nancy for afternoon skiing.

Craig, Peggi, and Sheryl called it a day.

Dinner was at Los Amigos in Vail.
Thursday we skied at Copper Mountain to get a bit closer to Denver.

Steve, Joe, and Bill spent most of the day in the high country of Copper. 
Joe is crawling back up slope to retrieve his ski after falling on a pretty icy steep slope.

This turns out to be surprisingly difficult and exhausting at 11,000 to 12,000 feet elevation.
Steve and Bill are having a good day skiing the high country at Copper Mountain. 
I don't know what to say about this picture of Kathy and the one below of Ellie. 

They're just to weird.
  A good day was had at Copper Mountain.

We drove to Vail and met up with the rest of the group.

Dinner at Perkins and uneventful flights home ended another great trip for the Festive Descent Ski Club.

The End