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The Group
Steve Bickham  Ellie Toombs  Nancy Boston
Kathy Sheneman  Bill Yacovissi  Dave Fox  Pete Keller

We drove from Tioga County to Dulles for the flight to Reno. Met up with Ellie and Kathy at the airport.

Checked into the Grand Sierra Casino and Resort in Reno for the evening.

Dave, Pete, and Kathy are enjoying the dancing girls. 

I didn't even notice them.

After a long day of travel we settled down in the lounge for an evening repast before going to bed..

Overnight in Reno gave us all day to get to South Lake Tahoe.  We decided to tour through Virginia City on the way.

As you drive up the mountain there are nice views back over the valley that Reno occupies.

Main street Virginia City is a collection of historic store fronts which are mostly tourist activities now.
When you are in Virginia City you should take a mine tour.  It was reasonably entertaining and interesting.
The local Catholic Church was pretty and historic.

Next we toured the Mackay Mansion.

The mansion was built in 1860 by George Hearst as the headquarters of the Gould & Curry Mining Company Office and later purchased by John Mackay, one of the “Silver Kings.”

Between 1860 and 1950, bars of gold bullion were sold directly from the vault.

Tour highlights included mining artifacts, original furnishings, Tiffany silver and great historical anecdotes.
Finally we arrived at the house we rented for the week.

The house was a 7 bedroom, 7 bath house which allowed everyone to have there own bedrooms. Now that we've done this, I don't know if we can go back to sharing.

The rental for the house was almost reduced by half for the "value week".  At $700 a night it was a bargain.

A view from the breakfast and for us dining area through the kitchen.
A view looking the other way into the living room.

The first day skiing we went to Heavenly.

Although you can't tell from this picture there was virtually no snow in the mountains.  All that was open were some blue runs off the lower lifts with machine made snow.

But, it was very pretty being able to see the lake and mountains almost all the time.

The group pulls over during one of the early runs.

To the left you can see how bare the ground is off the run.

We transferred from the California side to the Nevada side via the gondola.

To the right is a nice view of town of South Lake Tahoe and the lake.

The next day we drove to Kirkwood.

I made a video of Steve, Dave, and Bill skiing. 

You can watch it here.  Best viewed in full screen.

I took some action shots.  Dave shows good form as always.

Kathy is looking sharp as well as she glides by.

Kathy unfortunately broke her wrist later in the trip.

I think she tried a 1440 double cork goofyfoot squirrely in the half pipe but came up short on the landing.

Pete did very well skiing for an old guy who hadn't skied hard for a number of years.
Ellie and Steve saunter down the slope as well.
I'm almost embarrassed to be standing in front of this sign.  Nothing scary about this slope.

Another picture of the bare slopes at Kirkwood.

The last time we were at Kirkwood we had a great day jumping off this ridge line into the bowl below.

If you can't ski you might as well drink so we hit the bar early before heading back to the house.

Next morning we headed up the east side of the lake to North Star.

We stopped for pictures along the way.

It was pretty with all the sunshine and the lake.

I don't think we were able to see the lake at all last time we were here.

At lunch we sat outdoors.. 

As you can see it was sunny and warm.
A nice picture of the ladies as they prepare for a festive descent.

The guys posed on the deck for a group shot.

We really look sharp.

We drove back along the west side of the lake and stopped at Emerald Bay for some pictures.

The last time I saw this view of Emerald Bay was in 1970.

I missed the next day of skiing because I was ill.

I'm told me the group went back to Heavenly.

Finally the last day we skied North Star again before heading back to Reno for flights home the next day.