Ski Trip To Soldier Mountain, Sun Valley, and Bogus Basin

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The Group
Steve Bickham, Bill Yacovissi, Dave Fox, Shaw Siglin, and Joe Murphy

We rented 105 Meadow Ridge Rd in the Elkhorn Resort Subdivision about 2 miles from the River Run Base at Sun Valley.

The 5 bedroom and 5 bath house was quite spacious.

 The house had big kitchen which was good as Shaw cooked breakfast for us each morning. 

I like breakfast, but am usually to lazy to cook it myself so I really appreaciated the bacon and eggs instead of my usual frozen waffles.

Surprisingly, we never really made use of this TV den.

We flew Elmira to Detroit to Seattle to Boise.  It was a long day.  We met up with Steve at the motel.

On Suday we drove to Soldier Mountain for the afternoon.  Steve and I paid $13.  I think the others paid $39.

Unfortuantely a blizzard set in that lasted Sunday to Wedensday which made skiing difficult with poor visibility and a heavy wet snow.

On the way out we skidded off the road into a snow bank.  Fortunately some guys stopped and towed us out.  None of us thought to get a picture of the car buried in the snow. 

On Monday at Sun Valley the snow continued.

It snowed a lot making for difficult skiing conditions.

Steve and I took Tuesday off. Late morning I decided I need to go to the doctors for the cough and bronchitis that had set in. 

We had a nice lunch downtown, then picked up Shaw and ran some errands.

Joe and Dave toughed it out on the slop[es all day.

The snow continued on Wednesday but was lighter.

I only made a few runs as conditions were still hard.

Everybody quit early on Wednesday so we spent some time drinking hot chocolate in the lodge.

The weather finally cleared Wednesday afternoon.

This is the River Run Lodge.

 The River Run Express provides the access to the Bald Mountain Ski Area.

The River Run access to Bald Mountain.


 We got back to the condo and the sun was finally out so we took some pictures of the area around the condo.


This picture is unedited.  A cloud came over and created this interesting black, white, and gray effect.

 Thursday morning we left Sun Valley and headed to Soldier Mountain.

When we got there the place was closed because of too much snow.

The closing got some mention on national news but no reporters were there to interview the intreped skiers who forged there way in. 

We should have called from the highway.

At least we didn't run into a snow bank on the way out.

We managed to get to Bogus Basin in time for an afternoon of skiing.


 On Friday we went back to Bogus Basin for the day.

I was impressed with Bogus Basin.

It was larger than I imagined with quite a variety of slopes and ski terraine.

We found our way to one western double diamond slopes.


We got a nice picture of the whole group before we left.. 

It's enough to say that at the end of the trip we were all on our feet.

The trip home was uneventful.