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The Group:  Steve Bickham, Bill Yacovissi, Dave Fox


We flew from Elimira to Salt Lake City.  Rented a 3 br, 3 bath house on Cavlier Circle in Cottonwood Heights.

The house was nicely located and priced.  We didn't make use of much of the downstairs which had a hot tube, sauna, bar, abd ping pong table.
The kitchen and dining area was spacious as well.
The view out the front was nice as well.

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We skied the first day at Brighton.  It was brutally cold.  Perhaps the harshest conditions we've skied under for a long time.

Dave is iced up from the cold.

We found some good powder and spent most of the day skiing the trees.

Still very cold but it was a nice day.

Next day was off to Powder Mountain. This was not someplace Steve and I had skied before.
The road into Powder Mountain was steep and in places narrow.  But it was not crowded and was not expensive.

In fact all the places we skied were less expensive that Park City or Deer Valley. 

None of the places were crowded and it seemed to me the crowd was strangely sparse. 

Next day was Alta.  Alta seemed to lose some of its charm for me on this trip.
Still no matter were you are there are nice views.
Of course we still pay $60 for some lift tickets but then decide what we really should do is take our skies off and climb up on foot.
We do this because, like the bear, we know the skiing is better on the other side of the mountain.
This is surprisingly difficult in ski boots at 11,000 feet
Somehow since I've gone on Medicare this seems like an appealing option.   

So Dave took a rare fall up in the trees.  Seems he hit a small pine tree.  Generally the idea of tree skiing is to miss the trees but if you are going to hit one it's much better to hit a small one than a big one.


Next day at Solitude we skied the front blues then headed to Honeycomb Canyon.

Honeycomb is steep and deep. 

Backcountry skiing requires the skier to manouver around obstacles like trees, bushes, and rocks as well as deal with varying snow conditions.

I took a fall later in the trip when I came around a turn I was surprised by some rocks. It was to late to stop and I'm sure I would have fallen if I tried to turn so I decided I would just jump over them.

Why I decided that jumping over them was a good idea will forever remain a mystery since I have almost never really landed a jump especially when out of control on the take off.

Anyway in those situations time slows down.  Some people say their life flashes before their eyes.  Others think profound thoughts. All I could think of was the line from the Larry Miller ski routine; "and then you meet woman." 

In the end I wasn't hurt but that fall will be remembered.

Steve and Dave Continue down Honeycomb Canyon.
No matter how big you go there is always someone going bigger.
The last day of skiing was back at Brighton.
Spent most of the day looking for powder in the trees.
We all got off the slopes in one piece so that makes the trip a good trip.

The End