The Group
Steve Bickham
Peggi Yacovissi
Bill Yacovissi
Ellie Tombs
Nancy Boston
Kathy Sheneman
Craig Devenport
Dave Fox

Stayed at the Alpin Haus
at the base of Peak 8


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We left Wellsboro around 1 pm for the drive to Baltimore.  After an overnight stay we flew direct to Denver, picked up our rental cars and drove to Breckenridge.  We got to Breckenridge around 2 pm.

We got to the Alpin Haus around 4 pm.  It was good to see the house was mostly as advertised.

The hot tub was on the deck and there are a few upper decks that would be nice in the summertime but not really functional in the winter


The driveway was very steep and slippery.  The front wheel drive van proved inadequate for the conditions. 

The group got some extra exercise pushing and shoving the cars around.

Craig and Peggi working on dinner.

Nancy, Kathy, and Ellie on the stairs leading to the upstairs master bedroom suite.

Our first night's dinner in the condo.  I guess Kathy took the picture.

A short walk up the street put us on a ski access to the Peak 8 chairs.  Not quite ski out but close.

The house was ski in with the trail running right to the back of the house. 

You could ski out from the house by going down the trail to the Snowflake lift off the 4 O'clock run but you had to take your skis off twice to cross roads to get to the lift.

Our first run was down 4 O'clock to Sawmill on our way to Peak 9.

After a good morning of skiing we went to the Vista House for lunch.

After lunch it was back to the Peak 9 slopes.

Went to Mi Casa the first ski night for dinner.   Dave took this group picture.

The problem with group pictures is that somebody is left out, but thanks to Photoshop, nobody needs to be left out.  I just cut Dave out of another picture and slid him in next to Nancy.

Meg and Tony on another adventure.


The second day we skied Peak 7.  It snowed quite hard and the wind was blowing all day, but the skiing was alright.  I don't have any pictures from the second day.

The third day was worse with higher winds and colder temperatures.  Steve, Dave, and Bill decided to go out.  I thought the lifts would be closed and was surprised to find them open.  We skied the Chair 6 area for a while but it was too cold on the slow lift.

One of our favorite runs is to drop into Horseshoe Bowl from the Chair 6 lift. 

Near the end of the day we discovered the Ore Bed Area along the boundary line on Peak 7.  The were nice runs with some widely spaced tree areas, a small but nice bowl with lots of snow, and a interesting runout.

Before we got off the slopes for the day Stein made his annual appearance.

While we were skiing the Uterati spent the day in town, some shopping then some wine tasting. 

After tasting a lot of wine it was off to a costume shop where you could dress up as your favorite movie character.

Kathy does a credible Fifth Element imitation of Leeloo.

Thursday was one of those sunny and mild Colorado ski days with lots of fresh snow on the ground.  The group got out early and had a good day.

Craig and Peggi somewhere on Peak 7.

Nancy poses nicely somewhere on Peak 7.

Ellie does the same.

It was a day for slope posing all around.  Why not, it was simply of lovely day.

Kathy, also somewhere on Peak 7.

Peggi and Nancy starting a run down one of the nice blues.

Steve looks like he is having a good time on the slopes.

The group following a blue heaven slope to the lift. 

Steve and Dave took Ellie and Kathy on a run in the Ore Bed Area so they could try their hand at tree and powder skiing. 

Dave is on the run out from the small bowl in the background.

Kathy and Ellie both took a tumble in the backcountry but I'm told handled the ungroomed, natural conditions very well. 

I find falling in the powder to be exhausting as you struggle to get back on your feet.  There's nothing to push on.

Ellie is down in the powder but got back on her feet ok.


A picture of Breckenridge from the Peak 10 Area.

After a great day of skiing we found our way to the Breckenridge Brewery and Pub for dinner.

The last day the group split. Nancy, Kathy, Dave, Ellie, and Steve went to Keystone for some last day skiing.  Peggi, Bill, and Craig headed to Denver.

After an overnight we flew back to BWI and the drive home to Wellsboro.  Unfortunately the weather was bad with pretty heavy snow north of Lewisburg.  We finally got home around 10pm.


The End