Ski Trip To Silver Star and Big White

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The Group
Steve Bickham, Bill Yacovissi, and Dave Fox

We flew Elmira to Spokane and drove to Silver Star.

The condo was a great location slope side.

The other side of the condo opened onto the central square which made an easy walk to restaurants and shopping.

There are no resort type amenities just a few places to support people in the condos.

 Inside the condo was three bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

The first day on the slopes was overcast but no wind and not too cold.

Overnight there was quite a bit of snow so we had good powder skiing on the early runs and later in the woods.

 At the higher elevations the snow sticks to the trees as you can see. Its a very pretty landscape.

Silver Star has lots of green and blue runs down through the trees.

Some get quite narrow which makes for interesting skiing.

 I took this pictures because it was after a rare Dave flop into the snow.  You don't see many of those.

The next day was blue sky with more snow overnight.

It was a very good day for skiing.

Now that we were more comfortable with the snow we got into some more narrow places.

Steve skies aggressively down this chute and through the trees.

 As you can see, lots of open glade skiing at Silver Star.

More of the same type of landscape but fun skiing for us.


  I would say the best place for lunch is the Tube Town Cafe off the Silver Queen lift. 

It's out of the way, given the layout of the slopes and lifts, so as a result it's not crowded and the food is good.
We left Silver Star and drove to Big White. 

As you can see the snow was pilled high and deep at Big White.

The condo was a sizable duplex.

You can view the rental at Homeway.

 The back of the condo opened onto the slopes so if was easy on and off.

Inside the condo was very spacious, with three bedrooms and two baths.

 We were repeatedly taken aback by how much snow there was.

The back of the condo opened up onto a slope fora run down to the lift.
The base layout at Big White is unusual.   

The restaurants, shops and lifts all come together so you end up skiing up and down this main strip to get from one lift to another.

It wasn't a bad arrangement but it took some effort since you couldn't come down the hill and glide the whole way to the other lift.  

A nice picture down the slop and overlooking the valley and the town.

 The second day at Big white was harsh conditions. 

Up top the snow ghosts were all over the slope.

Steve and Bill on the lift and having a good time.
Big White was lots of snow and lots of trees.
Bill and Steve enjoy a rest outside the lodge.

Vicki was in Wellsboro looking at the Big White web cam when when we went in the lodge for lunch and did a quick screen save.

All in all it was a good trip for a trio of old guys.