SKI TRIP TO Big Sky And Bridger Bowl

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The Group
Steve Bickham, Bill Yacovissi, and Dave Fox 

We rented a three bedroom, three bath room condo at Skycrest.  The condos had definitely seen better days.  The interior layout was strange but it was quite servicable.

The next morning we work up to views of Lone Peak.

 The color changed as the sun came up.

Over at the base you can see it was a beautiful day.

Everywhere you look you see Lone Peak in the background.
You can see the slopes go right up the peak.  You can also ski in the two bowls carved out of the glaciated side of the mountain.

We started the day on some blues and groomers.

Dave follows Steve down the mountains.

Still another view of Lone Peak.  I would love to climbthis peak some summer.

The bowls very very pretty and very dramatic.  As is mostly the case the photos just can't capture the scale of the landscape.

Steve had boot problems se we ended the day at the ski shop for some retro fitting.

There is a cable car that takes you to the topof Lone Peak.


Looking back down to the cable car station.

The top of the peak was an interesting place to be.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the snow there really asn't enough snow to ski the back or west side of the mountain.

Back down off the peak we skied the bowl to end the day.

Next morning we were back in the bowl but the weather deteriorated so we headed for lower elevations.

If you can't ski the bowls the next best thing are the trees.

Sometimes it gets a little close in the trees.

Sometime even closer.

Sometimes you have to have a consultation before proceeding.

We ate lunch at a sit down restaurant at the top.  Lots of people in there had apparently come up on snow cats.  I guess that's a popular thing to do if you are not a skier.

Big Sky is laid out, by my guess, about 3/4 of a circle around the base of Lone Peak.  It really is a long way from the east or front side of the mountain to the west or back side of the mountain. 

Lone peak is hidden in the clouds behind Dave.

If there had been enough snow we would have used the cable car to get to the peak then skied down the rocky slopes you see above Steve, then down the bowl to the lift.  You can circle around the mountain as we did and ski the bowls.

We took a break in the Yurt for hot chocolate and cookies.

The last day at Big Sky, more bowl skiing in the morning.

Trees in the afternoon.

The last day we dove north to Bridger Bowl.  I like Bridger Bowl a lot.

There was some powder.  Dave is up to his knees in the deep.

Bridger has a lot of big open glades as you see in the picture.  Glades like this are really our favortie kind of skiing these days.  There is a bowl like quality but not as steep and trees but they are widely spaced.  In  some power - Perfect.

We actually stopped skiing early so we could visit the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman.  This museum is definitely worth the time if you are in the area.

Maybe the best colection of dinasour bones anywhere.