May 29
Morning Margaret Island
Afternoon St. Stephen's Basilica

Took the streetcar up to Margaret Island a city park in the Danube.  Margaret had been born at an hour when the fortunes of Hungary were at a low ebb, and we are told that her parents had promised to dedicate the babe entirely to God if victory should wait upon their arms. The boon was granted, and the child at age of three was committed to the charge of the community of Dominican nuns.  I gather she lived a long time and gradually became a mystical figure for Budapest.
Took in St. Stephen's Cathedral in the afternoon
You can take an elevator to the roof with views of Budapest and the surrounding countryside.
The trip ended the next day.  We headed back to the USA and  Wellsboro early in the morning.  Got home around 10:00 pm.  Not bad when you think about it.

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