May 26
Cruise through Wachau Valley 
Tour of Melk Abbey 
Evening concert in Vienna

In the morning the Danube passes through the Wachau Valley a very scenic area.
At some places it looked remarkable like Pennsylvania.  Are we cruising the Susquehanna or what?
You didn't have to look to hard to know you weren't in Lock Haven
After a while the valley opens into some nice vineyard country.

Next stop was Melk Abby.

A view of the town from Melk Abby

Melk was a very scenic place.

I was really impressed by the library in the Abby.  This is another internet picture which captures the library better than our snapshots.
Steve and I walked back to the boat through the town of Melk.

That afternoon the ship arrived in Vienna.  After dinner we went out to a Mozart and Strauss concert.

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