May 19 
Arrived in Prague 
 Toured Old Town Square  
Dinner at U Fleku's

Arrived in Prague and after lunch walked down to the Old Town Square.  
The Astronomical Clock is the main attraction.  The date of construction is generally regarded as 1490.  When the clock chimes a procession of the Apostles begins followed by the angel of death.  I guess it was a big deal in the 16th century.  In the 21st century it's a bit lame.  I had to explain the whole thing to a kid that was standing next to me.  He was totally clueless about what it all meant.


The square was neat.  Lots of old world charm including the outdoor cafe's and good deserts.

You could take an elevator to the top of the clock tower and look down on the square.
That night we had dinner at U Fleku's a German style beer hall.  Trays of dark beer and becherovka a spicy liquor, just went by and you helped yourself.  This a picture of the restaurant from the internet.
Dick and Beth feeling no pain at U Fleku's
Bill and Peggi feeling no pain at U Fleku's.  I guess Nancy or Steve was taking the pictures.

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