Quetico Provincial Park
Nym Lake to Quetico Lake and back via Oriana Lake

Bill Yacovissi
Hans Krohn 
Mike Reilly
Bob Alspaugh
Greg Grego

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The next morning was clear but cold.

Still it was a nice way to start the day compared to rain.

Today was rapids day.

After paddling upsteam and east for two days the route turns south and then west.

You give up all the elevation you gained in the previous two days in a relatively short distance.

For some of the rapids you can line the boats along the shore.

There was definite current throughout the day which allowed us to make good mileage.

 We decided to run this rapid.

Greg led with the kayak then Bob and Hans went right through.

Mike and I got into a bit of trouble but fortunately didn't swamp.

We had to portage this rapid but after unloading the boats Greg decided to have a go at running it.

Greg did a good job of running the rapid.

You can view a video of it here.  Best viewed in full screen.


Unfortunately at the very end Greg swamped and then was caught in the wirhpool that kept him going round and round in maybe a 25' circle.

After awhile Hans and Bob tried to assist but there was not very much they could do.

Although it looks like Greg is drowning, he really was not in any distress.

After going around 4 or 5 times the river kicked him out of the whirlpool and he made it to shore with boat and paddle in tow.

It was good to get into camp after a long day.

As you can see it was another camp on the granite rock.


We enjoyed viewing another colorful sunset.

An artsy picture of Greg as he sits by the fire in the twilight of the eveninig.


 Another cold but clear morning.

Maybe I should get another hat.

No rapids today just flat water paddling.

We were going to camp another night but when we stopped for lunch the rangers came by and checked our permit.

It seems we were camping with to many tents and had camped two nights in violation of park rules.

They suggested we exit the park as we were not properly permitted for another night.


We exited the park and drove to Perry Sound for the night.


We had a nice dinner at the Bay Street Cafe before heading home the next morning.

The End