French River and Georgian Bay

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Jim Bailey
Jeff Bailey
Hans Krohn

Tom Kaminski

Mike Reilly
Bob Alspaugh
Mike Alspaugh
Bill Yacovissi
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Another lunch stop near the Dallas Rapids on the French River.

The Dallas rapids seperate the French River from Georgian Bay.

As we paddle out into Georgian Bay the winds were calm so we had no problem paddling east toward the Eastern Outlet for our return north.

We camped at site 717 which was a nice island campsite.
Hans and Tom setup to filter water for dinner and breakfast.
Another nice evening for sitting out of the rocks watching the sun go down.

I climbed to the top of the island to get a cell phone signal and took this picture of the area. 

As you can see there is nothing but trees and waterways.

The next morning we headed up the Eastern Outlet  to begin our return to Loon Landing.

There are a couple of short portages separating Georgian Bay from the French River.

Hans and Tom negotiate this strange little lift over.
We found a nice campsite for lunch.

Our camp Wednesday night was nice but again we had to spread. 

Jim and Jeff pitched their tents up the river a little ways.

It was a very pretty place to camp.
The rest of us scattered out in the woods as best we could.
It was another sunny day so we took advantage of the sunshine and warmth for swimming and our evening repast on the rocks.

All good things come to an end so sooner or later we were going to get some rain.  The rain started early morning and it rained hard throughout the morning. 

At least it was warm, in contrast to last year when the daytime temperatures hovered in the low 40s.

It did clear in the afternoon as we made camp on a nice beach.
I found a site for my tent down the beach away from the crowd.
We put up the tarps but did not need them.
Sometimes you find some strange things in some of the campsites.  This site was obviously very popular.
Some awful looking weather moved in around 9 pm but it never really developed into anything.

Friday mornng was cool and blustery.  We paddle to the next camp area but the sites were full or not suitable for us. 

Given a choice between paddling around looking for a camp and paddling out we choose to paddle back to Loon Landing. 

Of course once we did that the homing instinct kicked in so we drove home Friday evening rather than Saturday morning.

We stopped at the French River Visitor Center on the way home. The Visitor Center is definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.