French River and Georgian Bay

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Jim Bailey
Jeff Bailey
Hans Krohn
Tom Kaminski
Mike Reilly
Bob Alspaugh
Mike Alspaugh
Bill Yacovissi
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After assembling the crew we drove to Loon's Landing on Dry Pine Bay.

We camped for the night in a couple of RV sites.

The camp was quite serviceable for the nights.

The next morning we launched our canoes from the boat ramp at Loon Landing.

As we paddle away from civilization everyone inevitably looks back and wonders how the trip is going to go.

Shortly after turning into the French River we go under a pedestrian/bike/snowmobile bridge across the river.

We come to the first rapids at Recollet Falls.

The falls are named after the Recollet or Franciscan Priests who used the route to establish missions on Lake Huron.

It was a short and easy portage around the falls.

A view upstream to the falls.

I gather from pictures online that the falls are quite a site earlier in the year when the river is at maximum flow.

As you can see it was a beautiful day.

The French River is very nice for paddling.

The system consists mostly of narrow channels like this which keep the wind and the waves down.

The first lunch stop on the trip.

We came to a run of swift water that was too shallow to paddle so we lined the canoes.


I'm walking the canoe through the rocks while Hans and Tom rope the boat in case I lose control of it.

Our first night's camp.

The camp sites were large enough to hold our group but the tents were often scattered around so it was hard to actually take a picture of the camp.

The camp got an A rating from me for waterfront.

When combined with the perfect weather and modest insect life, we were able to swim and sit out on the rocks in the evening in a way we have not been able to do for a few years.

I didn't put on long sleeve shirt or long pants for three days.


The next morning a low hanging fog made for perfect paddling conditions.

The plan was the work our way down the Main Channel to Georgian Bay.

Bob and Mike lead us down the river.

Hans and Tom follow.

Jeff and Jim start the 12 miles of paddling we planned for the day.

The calm weather and the narrow channels made perfect paddling condiitons to start the day.

Looks like the Alspaughs can sleep anywere.

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