Anima Nipissing Monteal River Loop

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Jim Bailey 
Mike Reilly  
Bob Alspaugh
Mike Alspaugh
Bill Yacovissi

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We drove from Wellsboro to Temagami. 

I rented a couple of cabins at Lowell Lake Lodge.

They were okay for our overnight needs but I would not recommend them.

Found a nice family restaurant for dinner.

Nest morning we arrived at Temagami Outfitters to rent our canoes and arrange for shuttles.

I was surprised at the decline of Temagami since we were there in 1997.  This is the only canoe outfitter left and quite frankly it seemed on its last legs.

Teddy the shuttle driver dropped us off at Wanapitie and the .25 mile portage to the shore of Ferguson Bay.

As you can see it was a nice day.

We paddled across Ferguson and did the portage into Diamond Lake.

After a short portage were in the lower arm of the Lady Evelyn Lake.

Bob and Mike paddling up Lady Evelyn.

Me in the solo canoe following behind.

Mike seems to be having a good time so far.

We made camp on Lady Evelyn and enjoyed a nice though cool evening.

Mike enjoying the evening after our usual dinner and a few cups of wine.

Jim enjoys an after dinner smoke happy to be back out on the lakes.

We put the tarp up as the forecast was rain but the evening was still nice.

Overnight the rain set in.  It's an unpleasant way to start the day and of course packing up inthe rain is never fun.  Everything will be wet when you get to camp.

It was a tough day of paddling.  A bad combination of rain, wind, and cold.

I found it impossible to control the solo canoe in the wind so Bob took over for me. 

In that kind of weather the wilderness can be an auwfully lonely place.

We made camp early to get out of the cold but as a result only covered 6 miles for the day.


It poured and blew all afternoon. Finally we decided we had to get up and fix dinner.

It was not pleasant eating in the rain.

After dinner the weather cleared a little offering some hope for the next day.

The next morning the weather was the same. 

The temperature was 42 degrees and I had to put on wet clothes that had hung out all night.  It was cold.

Bob sent an email on the SPOT to Marilyn to get an update on the weather.  The report was for continued bad weather for several days.

We paddled by an island with cabin and other buildings.  I thought it was a ranger stations but turned out to be a fishing resort.

I seemed wonderful to me to be out of the weather and enjoying some hot food. 



We would have been 2 more days and another night to get to the nearest take out point and would have had to paddle some big water in the wind to get that far.

So I asked about getting taken out by boat.  Only $500 but it was worth the price to me.