Matagamasi Put-in to Wolfe Lake

Left Wellsboro around 5 am.  Arrived at the Sportsman Lodge around 6 pm.


I wasn't to impressed at first by the lodge but after awhile I began to appreciate the 100% wood construction.


This is the common area in the building in which we were staying.  The rooms are to the right of the stairway.
My room in the lower level was small and rustic but comfortable.  Rooms upstairs were more spacious.
A view of the lake from my room.
Out on the deck before dinner we relaxed and conversed with a couple of ATV riders that were there.

Dinner and breakfast was included with the room.

The meals made a nice send off before starting a wilderness trip.

The next morning we packed the gear and was transported to the put-in on Matagamasi Lake.

Notice the 4 story wood construction in the background.  This solid wood building was also impressive.

As always it's nice to actually get the trip underway after all the preparation and travel time.  It's also nice to start with nice weather as well.

Bob and Mike are underway.

As are Tom and Jim.

Mike and I follow down the lake.

With 7 people I rented a solo canoe from Algonquin Outfitter which we picked up in Huntsville. 

Bill is in the solo canoe.

The day progressed as usual.  Stopped for lunch after awhile.

Tom and Mike begin filtering water.

Before long we get to exercise our legs by portaging the equipment to the next lake.
Portages on this trip were not long but some were rugged.

Our first camp on Wolfe Lake. 

Wolfe Lake is very popular so the campsites are big and much of the brush has been cleared.

We learned later that this route has becomne very popular with the Algonquin boys and girls camps so there was a parade of groups coming up the lake looking for a place to camp.

I pitched my tent some distance from the others in a pine grove where I actually found a pretty nice tent spot.

Later we had to share the site with a group of girls from the Algonquin camps. 

After setting up camp we made our way to the water.

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