Kukagami Lake to Sportsman Lodge

More fog and windy conditions the next morning.  The weather just kept changing every couple of hours.

We made our way down the lake as the fog lifted.


Then the wind started.  A heavy wind started blowing in our face and began kicking up waves.
Somehow in the boat the waves seem a lot bigger.
It was hard paddling to get ot the portage.

Across the portage was Donald Lake a big water lake with the wind blowing straight down it. 

We fought the wind as we paddled up the lake and took refuge behind a rock island to rest.

Well we kind of drifted out into the wind and the guys started paddling and we began making good speed into the wind. 

I was surprised at how effective this arrangement was. 

One drawback was Mike Alspaugh holding the canoes together and getting wet in the process.

I couldn't keep up in the solo canoe and eventually had to just hold on for the ride.

On these trips high winds and big waves in an overloaded canoe are an ongoing problem.  I was surprised at how ell this worked.

THe camp that night was very nice and quite large.

Some rain showers in the afternoon.

Next morning was clear but had turned a bit cold during the night.

The guys are enjoying breakfast at the breakfast bar as the sun rises above the horozon.

Sunrise was clear and spectacular.

The morning light helps make a nice picture of the lake.

We pack up camp for one last time on this trip.

We had about 5 miles and a portage to get back to the lodge.

Our last portage of the trip.
On the other side we began passing some nice cabins on the lake. 

Back at Sportsman Lodge it turns out we have one more portage to get back to the cars.

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