Chinuguchi Lake to Evelyn Lake

At dawn the weather was cloudy and blustery.  The weather was quite variable. 


We got underway in a fog but shortly afterward the sun came out.

We left the boys and girls camps behind as we pushed into the interior.  Of course the portages become harder as the trails are less used and less maintained.

Portaging through the bogs is never fun.

Mike and Bob try to find some footing off the main trail through the bog. 
It was nice to finish that portage.
We came to this bridge and lift over later in the day.

We continued traveling these small waterways which link the bigger lakes and allow you to travel in a loop. 

But portages in these smaller channels are typically more rugged. 

We started having to traverse rock rubble to actually get to the the start of the portages.

More small lake paddling.

Tom is coming up one of the portages with the canoe. 

We break out of the woods onto the shore of the next lake but as you can see the lake isn't actually there. 


This is a problem.  The lake is a half mile away on the other side of the small cut through the trees and we have no way to get there.

We decided that we would eat lunch a ponder the situation.

Mike found a path to the water and we decided to try to work our way down the cannel.

I was exploring another option when I got stuck in the mud.  I eventually got out with Tom's help.

Fortunately there was enough water in the channel to float the canoes so we could get across the mud flats.

Before long we ran into a log barrier, probably an old beaver dam. 

The stream on the other side was just a trickle and overgrown with brush.  So we were stuck again.

We sent scouting paries into the wood and founds an ATV trail that we coud use to reach the water.

MIke is coming down the ATV trail to the lake.

Tom is quite happy as we all were to get out of that situation.

It's important on these trips to have adventure but not to much adventure.

The night's camp on Evelyn Lake was nice.
The camp was very nice having a built in bar in the rumpus room.
That night Bill built a fire using the wine boxes as fire starters. 

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