Wolfe Lake to Chiniguchi Lake

The second day started nice if a bit cool and blustery.

Mike look surprisingly happy to be carrying a 40 lbs canoe through the woods.


I paddled the solo canoe the second day.

The day was pretty uneventful. 

We paddled awhile with a solo paddler named Anthony.  He was a very knowledgable and interesting person.

When we got to McCarthy's Bay where we wanted to camp the boys and girls camps were their in large numbers.  We were forced to bactrack to a smaller campsite we passed earlier.

I call this the bush campsite as we were all camped in the bushes.
We only wre able to fit into the camp by having Jim camp on another nearby island.  I searched to island for a second campsite but couldn't find a place to pitch the tent.

MIke is camped inthe bushes as well.

The rain arrived late afternoon so we spent the time in the tents.  It stopped enough for us to get dinner then started again so it was a short day and a long evening in the tents.

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