Jim Bailey  
Mike Reilly
Don Gfroerer  
Bill Yacovissi
Bob Alspaugh
Al Gettle
Jay Owen
Ed Owlett
The Route:
Started at Brent, across Cedar Lake, up the portages to Catfish Lake, Hogan Lake, Lake La Muir, Burnt Root Lake, Down the Petawawa back to Catfish Lake and down the Nipissing River back to Cedar Lake.

41.66 miles by water and 8.26 miles of portaging

Starting out at the Brent boat launch.  As you can see it was a cloudy day.  Threatened rain all day but didnít but the wind was blowing pretty good crossing Cedar Lake.

Ed and Jay crossing Cedar Lake

Portaging, portaging, portaging up the Petawawa to Catfish Lake.

Our first camp on Catfish Lake.  The guys hit the lakes after a hard day's work.  Hey, where are the chicks!

Our camp on Catfish Lake.  

Portaging over to Hogan Lake

The trip starts with two days of hard portaging from Cedar Lake to Hogan lake.   I carried along a pint of Jim Beam to celebrate to occasion.

The camp on Hogan Lake

The next day dawned bright and sunny.  Mike said it was a brochure day in that the trip was living up to its advertisement.

A nice shot of Bob going up the channel to the portage from Hogan to Lake La Muir

A nice shot of Don as we approach the portage to La Muir

Ed, Jay, and Al at the portage to Lake La Muir.  It was a long way up the marshes to the portage.

Don, Bill, Ed, and Jim on a portage to somewhere?

Bob and Mike at the La Muir side of the portage 

Al and Jim starting the trip up Lake La Muir

Mike and Bob resting after a hard paddle up La Muir

Al and Jim at the La Muir rest stop

Mike portaging over to Burnt Root

Our camp on Burnt Root Lake

That night the sunset was spectacular

Ed and Jay baked some of their fabulous pies.  
I bet Martha Stewart could not have done better

The trip continues as we work our way down 
the Petawawa River back to Catfish Lake.

Ed and Jay gliding down the Petawawa

Our camp back on Catfish Lake.  A nice shot of the group. The picture must have been taken by Mike.

Heading out the next morning you get a nice perspective of the camp on Catfish Lake.  What a great place to pitch a tent.

So then we do this ridiculously long portage over to the Nippissing River to make our exit from the park.  Here we are at the end beginning our trip downriver.


As always, moose are where you find them.  They waited until the last day of the trip to make their appearance, but they put on a good show.


Another shot of the moose climbing onto the shore.  Bill is performing a complex J stroke, pry, draw, swirl maneuver with the paddle.

Alas, back in civilization at the Brent boat launch.  Everyone has their shoes on already, except me.