Jim Bailey
Hans Krohn
Larry Schankman
Bill Yacovissi
Bob Alspaugh
Gary Goodreau
The Route:
From the Park Headquarters on Nym Lake, along Pickerel Lake, to Olifaunt, then Sturgeon Lakes, up through Jean Lake, Jesse and Hamburg Lakes, back across Batchewaung Bay and Lake.

65.75 miles by water and 4.48 miles of portaging.
For those of you who have never been in the lakes country, this map gives a rough idea of how you can paddle in a loop over a number of days.  The normal drainage system was completely destroyed during the last ice age.
The trip started at Canoe Canada in Atikokan.  We flew from Toronto to Thunder Bay and drove through the woods to Atikokan.  Stayed in the bunkhouse and had diner in the town.
You can see the trip started out on a nice sunny day.
The first night we camped on Pickerel Narrows
Chatterton Falls near Russell Lake
Larry "Grizzly Bear" Schankman on the rocks near Chatterton Falls
Well after the second day and night the weather turned sour.  Heavy rains set in on the portage over to Sturgeon Narrows.  Heavy rain all day, night, the next day and night.  Fortunately it let up late afternoon each day so we could set up camp and make diner.  Canoeing in the heavy rain was hard.
Jim Bailey and Larry Schankman starting a wet portage
Sometimes we have long philosophical discussions about where we really are.
Finally after two days the rains let up.  cloudy and drizzly seemed like good weather in comparison.
Camp on Jean Lake
Camp on Jesse Lake
A moose in the woods.  Moose are always fun to see.
Smiling Hans Krohn.  He's smiling because it's only drizzle and not a downpour.
It's me, Bill Yacovissi, in my full portaging regalia
Here we are at the end of the trip
Picked up by Canoe Canada for the trip back to Atikokan and home.