Ed Owlett
Don Gfroerer 
Bill Yacovissi
Bob Alspaugh
Gary Goodreau
Jim Bailey
Jim Glimm
Larry Schankman
The Route:
Flew in to Florence Lake from the north shore of Temagami Lake.  Paddled down the Lady Evelyn River system to Lady Evelyn Lake and Diamond Lake

53.45 miles by water and 4.88 miles of portaging
Here is the bush plane picking us up.  Mark, the woman pilot was quite a personality.
As you fly in you get a sense of how far from civilization you are going.  At least when you paddle in it takes awhile to get away from it all.
Our camp on Florence Lake.  Doesn't Jim look stylish and manly.  A great shot for Llbean or GQ
The Lady Evelyn River as it exits Florence Lake.  A short way downstream we hap to paddle by a big bull moose standing in the river in a narrow place.
Camp at the confluence of the branches of the Lady Evelyn River.  It was the only campsite for miles.  I was glad it was empty.
The portages on this trip were very difficult.  Most of the portages started and ended in a bolder field that had  crossed.  You can see the rocks we had to cross to get to the river.
The roughness of the terrain is seen here.  Hard to walk and carry over this stuff.
Stepping on the logs was dangerous but in between was mud.  Here Jim Glimm negotiates a tough portage.
Here's me.  You can see that I've been up to my knees in mud.  This was supposed to be a mud covered picture of Don but he just sank out of site.
Here's Don, all cleaned up from his mud bath and looking rather chipper.
The portages were rough because the countryside was rough.  Not quite the gentle wilderness of Algonquin.
A bit of swift water on this trip.  Here's Jim and Larry coming down river.
Here's Ed and Jim coming down the same stretch of river.
After three days you break out into Lady Evelyn Lake.  A very pretty place and much less rugged than the river system.
Finally, a camp on Diamond Lake and the end of the trip.