Ed Owlett
Don Gfroerer 
Bill Yacovissi
Bob Alspaugh
Gary Goodreau
Jim Bailey
Jay Owen
Hans Krohn
The Route:
From the Gun Flint Trail to Prairie Portage, North Bay, Kahshahpiwi Lake, Hurlburt Lake, Agnes Lake, back to North Bay

48.24 miles by water and 3.47 miles of portaging
Breakfast at the outfitters.  Coffee and doughnuts to start a long day.
I thought one of the neatest things was to go through Canadian customs in the wilderness  at Prairie Portage.  I took my passport and got it stamped.  I was disappointed that they have closed these stations but I can understand why.
No matter what you have been through, Don always looks cool.  
Starting out in the morning.  When the sun shines Quetico is a wonderful place to be.
Another camp picture. I think this was on Kahshahpiwi.
Everyone relaxes and takes it easy on the canoe trips.  Except Ed who always seem to be in a hurry.  

Here's a picture of Gary.

As you can see from these pictures, Bob is always on the lookout.
Looking east, looking west, looking north, and looking south.  
Here's me paddling through the marshes.  It's another sunny day.
They always say there are a lot of campsites in Quetico not marked on the maps.  We sure have never found them.  This day we looked and looked for a campsite and finally had to squeeze into a small place.  Not bad but clear from the topos there would not be another site for a long distance.  
Hans doing what we all like to do in the afternoon.  There was an incidence with an Italian sausage shortly after this picture was taken that we won't go into here.
We never seem to get a lot of pictures of Jay.  Here's the only one I have for this trip.
Here's Jim at the camp kitchen.

Another sunny afternoon swimming in the lake.

What do men and bull walruses have in common?

A group picture at sunset on Agnes Lake.

Here we are looking at some ancient pictographs on the rocks.
One of the last mornings on the trip.  Another sunny day.
A scruffy group at the end of the trip.