Ed Owlett
Jay Owen
Don Gfroerer 
Bill Yacovissi
Bob Alspaugh
Gary Goodreau
Jim Bailey
Hans Krohn
The Route:
Took the water taxi up Opeongo Lake, down the Crow River, Hogan Lake, Big Trout Lake, Happy Isle Lake, and back to Opeongo.

53.45 miles by water and 4.88 miles of portaging
Started out from Algonquin outfitter's base on Lake Opeongo.
Got the water taxi across the big water to the north end of the lake.
Paddled down some nice water in the Crow River the next day.
As you can see it was a sunny day.  Here's my paddling partner Don on the Crow River.
A picture from inside my tent on Big Crow Lake.
This trip was really beautiful.  Of course it helps that is was sunny.  This is a picture from an island in Hogan Lake. 

A little further along in Lake La Muir.

This camp on Big Trout Lake has to be one of the greatest campsites ever.  Here's a shot of my tent so people could see where I spent the night.
A nice swimming place between Burnt Root and Big Trout Lakes.
Always fun to see moose.

Jay doing what grown men probably shouldn't do.

Another nice shot from the campground.

Another nice campsite.

Back at the outfitters for the trip home.