July 2019
Algonquin Provincial Park
Round Lake to Kioshkokwi Lake

Bob Alspaugh - Bill Yacovissi
Mike Reilly    - Mike Alspaugh

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We drove from Wellsboro to Arrowhead Provicial Park to camp for the night,


 Arrowhead is a very nice park for tailgate camping.   There is a large beach, boat and bike rentals, and lots of hiking trails.

 We drove back into Huntsville for the evening which is about 10 minutes from Arrowhead.

Huntsville is a very nice tourist town with restaurants and shops.

The town sits along a watercourse that connets two pretty sizable lakes so lots of boating and fishing.

Next morning we drove another hour to Round Lake to pick up park permits and get canoes from Voyageur Quest Outfitting on Round Lake.

My experience with this outfitter was very good.

In Algonquin you need a camping permit for each night on each lake so make reservations in advance to get the route you want.

 Bob and Mike A. starting out from Voyageur Quest on Round Lake.

 Aftr a mile or so Round Lake gives way to the Amable De Fond River which you follow for a few miles.

 The water was high so the paddling was good.

 As is typical, the channel where the river empties into the next lake is clogged with rocks so its a short portage over to North Tea Lake.


After a few miles on Tea lake we stopped for lunch on a sandy beach.



 The camping in Algonquin is the best of any of the parks we have been in.

This island is typical.  The granite rock makes for excellent waterfont which leads up to a flat and large camping area in the trees.

This site was taken so we camped on the pennusula to the right.

 Most campsites in Algonquin have some improvements to the kitchen area which is always nice.


I pitched my tent in this openning.

I'll add that most campsites in Algonquim have open air box latrines which quite frankly are much better than outhouses.


 As I said, the campsites have excellent lake front so there's nothing better to do in the afternoon that to hit the beach.

 All  I can say is Algonquin is just simply beautiful.

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