Quetico Provincial Park
Nym Lake to Quetico Lake and back via Oriana Lake

Jim Bailey
Bill Yacovissi

Hans Krohn
Mike Reilly
Bob Alspaugh
Mike Alspaugh

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We flew Rochester to Toronto to Thunder Bay and drove to Atikokan to Canoe Canada outfitters.


We stayed in the bunk house behind the store. 

Fortunately we had the place to ourselves.

The bunk house is very basic but it is inexpensive and there isn't really anywhere else to stay.

The next day we started the trip from the canoe launch dock at Nym Lake.


 The portage from Nym Lake into the park is well used and easy.

Jim gets his first taste of hauling the canoe across the portages.

We are on the shore of Batchewaung Lake and ready to enter the park.

As you can see it was a very sunny day.

Batchewuang is big water and the crossing can be problematic due to the wind.

You can see the waves were pretty sizable for open canoes.

We set up camp on Batchewaung Bay.

The campsites in Quetico are generally spacious so its good camping for a group our size.

As usual when the weather is nice we sit on the rocks and watch the sunset and engage in good conversation.


The morning was cloudy and blustery when we started out on day 2.  We had about 10 minutes of rain which was the only rain we had during the entire trip.

Once you get past the entry portage the quality of the portages in Quetico deteriorate immediately.

Rocky and muddy is the way to describe most of them.


 This portage went through an old beaver pond which fortunately was dry enough for us to cross easily.

The portage opened to quite a bit of marsh before we could get back to open water.

Beaver dams are always interesting to take the canoe across.

Hans and Jim do a good job getting over.

Bob and Mike also get over without problems.

Our second night's camp on Kasakokwog Lake.  The site was spacious with good waterfront for swimming.

 Another nice evening for sitting by the lake after dinner.

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