Thursday August 10

The final night on Leano Lake the camp site was more like what we are used to, in the trees, clear of rocks and brush, with some nice tent sites.
Finally had to break out the rain tarps but it didn't rain for long.
End of the trip waiting for the outfitter to pick us up.  Mike took this picture so I took him out of the group picture from the Allagash and put him into this picture.  He looks like he is standing next to Tom but he isn't.
Getting out was as much an adventure as getting in.  Here the wonder van negotiates a ravine.  We had to get out just in case the van got stuck. 
There is no doubt that after you live outside for 5 nights and 6 days getting back to civilization is always appreciated. 

Drove back to International Falls that evening to fly out the next morning.



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