Monday August 7

Lots of portaging the second day.  Tom quickly mastered the art of front and back pack carrying.  Total weight is between 70 and 80 pounds.  Lots of deadfall made the portages more difficult

Then it's up and over the numerous beaver dams.

I though we saw some of the highest beaver dams ever on this trip.  It was amazing how much water the dams are holding back.  Anyway it is hard getting out of the canoe and back in using the soft footing of the dams.
On these trips there are so many places to just take a picture of the water and the woods.
Made camp on Aegean Lake.  In general the camp sites lacked any kind of kitchen, no fireplace, no logs, etc. mostly just rock and not always flat either.
Camp the second night. That night the northern lights were lighting up the sky.  It's the only time I have seen this phenomena.  The sky was glowing with a pale yellow.    

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