Sunday August 6


The road in was an adventure all its own.  Two hours down a road that was not to bad in parts but in other parts left the group amazed at our outfitters ability and balls navigating ravines and washed out swales and logs and other things to drop us off.


Here is the traditional starting out photo at the Leano Lake put in.  You can see it was a sunny day.
We weren't too far into the trip before we realized that this trip was going to be different from others we have taken.  The many short portages turned out to be difficult with hard take outs and put ins. 
Lunch the first day on the trail.
We also learned what it means to search for a camp site.  In other parks, Algonquin, Quetico, Killarney, Tamagami, sites are marked on the map and people camp there fairly regularly, probably someone every week or so.  In Woodland Caribou campsites are not marked and most places have clearly not been used in years.  Mostly the camping was on bare rock or on a brittle lichen that covered the rocks. In this picture Hans is exploring a rock outcropping for camping potential. 
Mostly you had to set up your tent on top of this brittle plant that crushed into a strange kind of powder.  Once you mashed it down it wasn't too bad.  Unfortunately it probably took decades to grow but it was all overt he place so I guess we didn't do too much harm to the ecosystem.

Camp our first night on Paull Lake.

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