June 2014
Canoe Trip on the Shenandoah River


Watch a musical slide show of the trip here.

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Joe and I left Wellsboro at 5 am, met Bob in Sunbury at 7 and picked up Bill at 7:30.  We met Mike at the outfitter in Front Royal at 10:30 and got the trip underway.

We rented canoes and got a shuttle from Front Royal Outdoors. 

We signed on for the 40 mile trip  from Luray to Front Royal.

At right is the intrepid crew ready to begin the trip.

As you can see the weather was perfect to begin the trip
Joe paddled the kayak on the trip.
All Rivers change character as you paddle down them, sometimes quite dramatically.
Bill looks like he is having a good time.
Bob and Mike continue down river/

Bill and Bill also continue down river.

Stopped for lunch at one of the public boat launches.

Our first camp in an area called High Cliffs.  The campsite wasn't bad but showed lots of sign of lots of use.

Of course we hit the river after making camp and of course the next logical thing to do was to swim across the river.
The campsite lacked any rocks or logs so we used to canoe to sit on.  This worked pretty well.
The next morning was bright and sunny as well.

Another beautiful day on the Shenadoah River.

Much of the trip has good views of Massanutin Mountain that makes up the west side of the Valley.

There were three class II rapids on the trip.  This is Compton Rapid.  

We decided to line the canoes down the right side rather than run the rapid and deal with the standing wave you can see.

The other two class II rapids we easy rapids to navigate.  The rest of the trip had lots of class I swifts that were very easy to run.

Lunch the second day was under a bridge.  There was a short portage here to get around a low water bridge that you couldn't go under.

Resting in the shade after a few hours of paddling.

The second night's camp was at Shenandoah River State Park.

The campsites were very nice although we had a bit of trouble locating the camp ground. 

 After we made camp of course we headed to the river.

 What can I say other than we were having a good time.


If you are a woman and maybe 80 years old this picture might appeal to you.

The trip ended at the outfitters so it was easy to drop off the canoes and get in the cars for the drive home.