June 2012
Canoe Trip on the Potomac River


The Group
Joe Murphy
Bob Alspaugh
Steve Bickham
Mike Reilly
Bill Yacovissi


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The route was from Spring Gap to Little Orleans

We left Wellsboro at 5 am and drove to Spring Gap where we met Mike.

It rained all the way and was raining heavily so we decided to delay starting and went into Cumberland to the C&O Canal Visitor Centerand the Allegheny County Museum.

Then we had lunch in a downtown bistro.

As you can see the weather cleared so around 2 pm we got on the river.

Our first night was at the Town Creek Aquaduct campsite.

I was concerned about getting form the river to the campsites as they are on the bike trail not necessarily the river. 

We found the camp okay but is was difficult getting out of the boats and up to the camp.  As you can see, it was steep and it was also muddy and slippery.



Unfortunately just as we were setting up camp a thunderstorm came through so we all got a little wet and couldn't really enjoy the evening.

But we were all quite tired and the tents were generally dry so it was early to bed.

The next morning was sunny and warm.  Ideal weather for canoeing.

Joe was paired with Mike and Bob and Steve were together.

I paddled the kayak which worked out well for a solo trip.
We pulled up for lunch on the lawn of some cabins on the West Virginia side. 

The group seems happy with lunch.

A view down river from the lunch spot.

Bob is smiling as well as the weather was nice and the day was going well.

We wanted to see the Paw Paw tunnel so furhter down river we pulled over and walked up the tow path to the tunnel.

This a one of several locks we passed on the way.

Joe finally got some water flowing out of the pump.
We met a biker who had just come through the tunnel.  He was an interesting guy and was returning to Washington after peddling to Cumberland.

I was surprised that you could see through the tunnel.  It was temping to walk through but the biker advised against doing it without lights.  We took his advice.

There were some steps up the side of the tunnel.
Steve and I went up for the view.  Mike joined us after he took the picture.

This picture is looking down the canal form the tunnel. 

They cut quite a gorge through solid rock to make the canal.

Our second camp was supposed to be at a camp called Stickpile. 

It turn out that we were in a Green Ridge State Forest campsite instead.  This camp was not on any map I looked at so we were confused.  Stickpile was around the bend.

The swimming was nice at this camp and the weather was warm so we hit the beach so to speak.
Joe and I are standing in water up to our necks while the water is is just above Bob's knees.  Amazing!
It was a nice campsite but a permit was required so we got a visit after dinner from the ranger. He gave us a warning and told some stories of his police dog Blu .

Sunset on the Potomac River.

The next morning was warm and sunny with some morning mist on the river when we started.

  Steve and Bob are underway on the river.

The group continued downriver for about 2 hours to the takeout at 15 MIle Creek.


MIke camera failed at the start of the trip so I didn't have any pictures except those sent to me by Mike.

That means there are no pictures of Mike. So I thought pictures of one river trip are as good as another.

Mike on hippo watch, Lianshulu, Namibia.

Who knows, maybe there are hippos in the Potomac?

I did get some pictures later from Bob.

The group at the take out, minus MIke who took the picture.