June 2013
Canoe Trip on the Potomac River

Click the Map and the pictures for a larger view.

The Group
Joe Murphy
Bob Alspaugh
Bill Baldwin
Adam Yacovissi

Bill Yacovissi

The Trip
Put in 

Take out
Antietam Creek

Click the Map and the pictures for a larger view.

 The route was from Williamsport to Antietam Creek

Joe and I left Wellsboro and 6 am.  Met Bob in Sunbury, then picked up Bill in Millersburg at 8:30 am.  We drove to Antietam Creek to meet Adam.

Then we drove to the C&O visitor center in Williamsport which was the put in spot and overnight parking.

We began the trip at the town boat launch.

Joe and Bob ready the canoe for take off.

A short distance downstream we have to portage around the power plant dam.

Bob carries pack and canoe up the trail.

The various spectators of the portage were quite impressed at this feat. 

Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of Bob on this trip.

Joe and I lug the kayak down the trail.

Back on the river we head downstream.

 Adam and Bill are underway as well. 

Our first nights camp at Opequon Junction. 

It started raining about 2 am and continued through the next day until around 12:30 so the next day was wet but cold.

 Dam 4 turned out to be much higher than I anticipated and the lake it back up much longer that I imagined.  My estimate of the lake is around 12 miles. 

The first day which was Sunday there was an amazing muber of power boats and jet skis roaring up and down the lake we were paddling.  Not the best environment for paddling.

 I think this beaver is used to getting a handout of some kind or another from people as it posted nicely for the picture. 

At least below dam 4 the river turned into a river rather than a lake.

At 12:30 the rain stopped, the sky cleared and it became a beautiful day. 

If the rain had not stopped I planned to push out to the cars but with the sunshine making camp seemed like a better option. 

We got dried out but about 4:30 pm it started raining and rained hard all night.


Our second night camp at Killiansburg Cave. 

A couple of girls on bikes had occupied the main part of the camp area so we had to pitch the tents along the bike trail.

Bob found Killians Cave so we all went and had a look at the cave.

The next morning the decision to make camp didn't seem like such as bad decision as it was a beautiful day on a beautiful part of the river. 

We stopped at Shepherdstown and walked up the road into town for breakfast at Betty's Cafe.  This was a good decision.

A few miles down river the trip comes to an end at Atietam Creek. 

We're looking at the Burnside Bridge that figured prominently in the battle. 

We're also looking for a place to take out. 

We visited the visitor center at Atietam Battlefield before we drove home.