June 2019
Canoe Trip on the Delaware River
Digmans Ferry to Kittatinny Visitor Center

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 Mike Reilly
Jim Bailey
Greg Grego
Bill Yacovissi


We met Mike at the Kittatinny Visitor Center take out and rove north to Dingmans Ferry.

The weather was perfect and the river could not be better for paddling.

We learned, from the owner, that the toll bridge, which is under repair,  is a privately owned bridge.  I didn't know such a thing existed.


 We stopped at Dingmans Ferry Campground for lunch and made use of one of their picnic tables.

At this point I was beginning to understand how bizarrely deserted the Delaware Water Gap seemed to be.



 Mike is ready to go after lunch.

I'm ready to go as well.

 A nice view down the river.

 Greg and Jim head out as well.

There are no rapids on this part of the Delaware only a few swifts.


 GAfter the giant S turn in the river we began looking for our campsite.

We had a reservation at the Alosa Campground. 

Continuing the theme that the park was empty, we were the only people there.

 The campsites were nice I give it that much.

Greg simply moved into another campsite to enjoy the space.  I considered doing the same but changed my mind after exploring around for awhile.

 In the middle of the night I heard our canoes banging around.  Flow in the river is dam controlled and apparently the water rose quite a bit in the night.

Our canoes were not very secured but the good news is they were there in the morning.

The next morning was sunny and warm.

 We had a reservation atWorthington State Forest campground.

The map showed tiverside campgrounds but the bank was so overgorwn with vegetation that is was not possible to get to them.


We did eventually find a way up the bank to the campsites.

As was the case the whole trip the place was empty and looked like no one had hardly been there for years.

The campsite was nice but the park was in terrible shape.

It began raining in the night so next morning we paddled out to the car and drove back to pack up camp.