Algonquin Park

July 2019
Allegheny River
Warren to Tionesta

Bob Alspaugh - Bill Yacovissi
Mike Reilly- Mike Alspaugh
Joe Murphy - Greg Grego


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We launched just upstream from Allegheny Outfitters in Warren.

They publish an excellent river guide for the 50 miles of the river they service.

Our experience with Allegheny Outfitters was very good.




 Joe and Greg begin their afternoon of urban canoeing.

 Wasn't too long before we were lost. 

Just kidding.

Mike and Bob are just taking a break from paddling.


We had lunch at Buckaloons Recreation Area.

 We camped the first night on Thompson Island.

The campsite was big so it accommodated 6 tents easily enough.


 After dinner nothing to do but sit and watch the river flow by. 

 Always have to have a sunset picture on the page.

Summer nights are cooler on the Allegheny Plateau compared to the lowlands to the south and west. 

The cool air sinks during the night so the valleys and canyons are subject to morning fogs.

You can see it was a cool and foggy morning.



Still cool and foggy as we launch for the next leg of the trip.



 The  thing I like about the morning fogs is that they almost always clear into a brilliant sunny day in a very short time.

The Allegheny is a big river and seemed to me to have unusually large stretches of ponded or eddy water. 

Adverse winds on these large stretches of still water could be difficult to paddle.

This of course is why we get up early and get out of camp early as most days the wind is calm in the morning.

We motor along at about 4 miles an hour in this kind wind and water, where as in the afternoon we're down to 2.5 miles an hour.



The armada moves down river.


 I've always admired the fact that Mike really looks the part of a mountain man.

The rest of us look like wannabees from the suburbs. 


 Mike and I move downstream.

Maybe we should give up the dorky hats.


 Joe and Greg compared to Mountain Mike, more dorky hats.

Had lunch at the Tidioute boat launch.

Afterward the guys took a walking tour of downtown Tidioute.


We camped somewhere along Siggias Island.

The campsite was also large.

The group waits impatiently for dinner. 

We keep our meals simple. 

Heat up water, throw in a pack of Spanish rice per person then 3 cans of chicken and dinner for 6 in 15 minutes and one pot.



 Launching to start the third day.

Warmer and less foggy this morning.


 Bob and Mike move down river.

Another stellar day on the river.

We reached the boat launch at Tionesta around 11 am, loaded Mike's van and drove back to Warren.

We locked the canoes there for Allegheny Outfitters to pick up later.


The End