July 2014

Group Members
Bill Yacovissi
Mike Reilly

I met Mike in Denver and we drove to the Timber Creek camp ground on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park.

It's ironic that you see wildlife where there are people.  This herd of elk were preminant in the camp ground.

This moose was also a regular visitor to the camp ground.

The next mroning we drove up Trail Ridge Road to get to the Mt. Ida trail head. Overlooks on the road let you look down on the valley and the camp ground
Another view further up the road.
A view of the trail but unfortunately the wrong trail.  After floundering around for about an hour we realized this was not the right trail.
Back to the trail head and the right trail to start the hike to Mt. Ida.
I thought this ws going to be an easy hke but it wasn't.  The 1,000 climb out of the valley was unusually steep.
Even on the tundra the trail was steep uphill.
A view across the tundra and the trail head in the valley.
Me on the trail looking a bit bewildered.
This water bird was out of place high in the mountain and likewise seemed bewildered by yhe altitude.
We passed a herd of mountain sheep grazing in the distance.
Near the top of Mt. Ida looking down the east side of the peak.

Me near the top of Mt. Ida, 12,880'.

It was a difficult climb.

The pile of rocks is the actual top of the mountain.
A view looking west from the top of My. Ida.
That evening the moose came to visit once gain along with the elk who liesurely toured the camp ground.

Next day we hiked to Pirac Lake below PIrac Peak which you can see in the picture.

Storm clouds gathered and by the time we got to the lake it was raining and it never stopped.

We hiked 4 hours in the rain to get back down, went into Grand Lake for dinner and camped overnight in the rain.

Next morning it continued raining which made it impossible to attempt our last hike so we headed to Denver and flights home.

The End