Days 1 & 2
Grand Lake to Haynach Camp

Mike R and I flew from Baltimore to Denver then drove to Grand Lake.  Checked in at the Elk Creek Campground.

The Bufallo crew had a couple of cancelled flights and finally arrived around 2 am. 

I was somewhat amazed that we got up and got going the next day.

After securing our camping permits we prepare to start the hike.
Mike Alspaugh in his full mountain man regalia.
Bob Alspaugh and Mike Reilly are also ready to go.
We start up the Tonahutu Trail.

We had the first rain a short way up the trail as my pack is covered but as you can see the sky cleared quickly.

Larry Nehring is on his way as well.
Another shot of my buddy Mike who really looks happy to be carrying a 40 lb pack up a 12,400' mountain after all he's starting at 8,000 feet and only has 4,400 to go.
The first day was mostly forest and meadows.
A couple of woodpeckers were working on this tree.
More forest and meadow and we approch our first camp at the Surprise Campgound.
Our first night's camp at Surprise.  The national park backcountry camps were very nice.  Although primitive they were good tenting places.
We walked down to the meadow to filter water for the camp.
Day 2 was more of the same. We started climbing more and were beginning to get into the high country.

Bob Alspaugh coming up the trail.

We got into Haynack Camp around 1 pm. It was a very nice camp.

I was a bit worried at this point in the hike as I seemed to be exhausted and we only climbed about 2,000' over 4 miles or so from the first camp. A 400' steep climb to get up to the camp from the main trail didn't help.

After everyone arrived we prepared lunch.

Haynack was a beatutiful place.

After lunch we hiked up to Haynach Lakes which were at the end of the valley.
We saw this moose cow grazing in a nearby field.
This bull elk was grazing closer to our campgound.
 Got a nice show of the elk using my zoom.

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