Days 4 & 5
July Camp to Grand Lake

After the adventure of the high ridge, the hike downhill back to Grand Lake was a bit anticlimatic. 

Next day we hiked to the Big Pool Camp. Bob and Mike A. took a side hike to Bench Lake. Mike, Larry, and I continued to camp. We got there early afternoon.

Bob is using the jet boil stove to boil water for the freeze dried dinners.  It's an amazing stove, designed to do one thing very well.

MIke and Larry continue down the trail with me.

Take a good look at Mike.  His hat is on straight and his shirt is tucked in. He's nicely coordinated with the orange tee under sand colored outwear.  Notice the uncanny symmetry of his waist belt, buckled exactly in the center with hanging straps of equal length.  Right out of GQ or REI.

Check out pictures of me.


We had some nice views looking back up to the high country on the way down.

We quickly got back into the forest and meadow country like we had the first day.

Our camp at Big Pool was nice. 

Later the sun came out and I hiked upstream to a swimming hole I spotted on the way down the trail. It was nice to get in the water after four days on the trail.

A fox or coyotes walked through camp. 
What's your opinion?
A deer was akso wantering around to camp.

Next morning Mike and I left early to get to Grand Lake so we could get back to Denver.

We passed the Big Pool a bit downstreat from the camp.  It's always the case that youi miss the best swimming hole.

Back at the parking lot, the hike for Mike and I is over.

Just for comparison purposes, in contrast to Mike, you'll notice that the string on my hat is hanging over my forehead.  My shirtail is hanging down in the front and hitched up over my belt in the back.  At least my shoes appear to be on the correct feet.

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