Hike over Hannigan Pass

Flew to Seattle from Baltimore. Linked up with Bob, Mike R., and Mike A.

Drove to Mt. Baker Wilderness Area and made camp at Silver Fur.

First night out in my new tent.  A little smaller than my previus tent but quite servicable.

Rained all night long but I managed to stay dry.


It can be very trying traveling with children

I'm all decked out and ready to hit the trail.


Mike is ready to go as well.

It was still cloudy and rainy when we started on the trail.


Bob is coming up the trail behind us.

We quickly went by some good views of glaciers across the valley.

Further up the trail and after some rain I start to look like a refugee from some strange country.  Maybe it's the oversided shorts.

After slogging up and over Hannigan Pass we drop into the Chilliwack Valeey and enter the Nothern Casecades NP.


Our first night camp at Boundary Camp was not a particularly nice place to camp.

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