Hike to Copper Ridge and Egg Lake Camp

Next morning was cloudless skies and lots of sun. 

We climb back out of the valley and up onto Copper Ridge.


The climb started with some nice old growth forest.

An interesting fog was laying in a hanging valley on the other side. 


Mike A., Bob, and Mike R. on the trail

As usual I'm bring up the rear.


The scenery was very spetacular.

The trail got rough in some places.

More great scenery.

We finally get on top of Copper Ridge. 

The scenery is quite spetacular in all directions.


Any expectation we had that Copper Ridge was level was quickly dispelled as we went down and up over serveral knolls.

Some ofth eknolls were a couple of hundred feet which you can see looking down on Mike A. coming up the trail.


Beautiful scenery from the top of the ridge.

When we get to Egg Lake we find out the camp is several hundred feet below the ridgeline down on the flat outcropp you can see in the picture.


Egg lake was a liyylr basic with snow melt in it but it was pretty and had warmed up enough for me to get fully submerged in it.

The tenting site was a small ledge up from the lake.


I always like to include a picture looking out the door of my tent.

Egg Lake looks a little bigger in this picture.


I hiked around the lake and got this picture of the camp.

Finding water was a surprising problem.  Bob and Mike are filtering out of a small pool from the intermitent stream running under the rock. 

We were surprised to learn that people camping in Selisia had to trek all the way down to our camp to get water.

Next morning dawned bright but cold.

The up and down of backpacking can get frustrating. 

We climb all the way up onto Copper Ridge only to drop off to get to Egg Lake only to trek back up on the ridge the next day.


At the top of Hannigan Pass Mike and I decided to scramble up Hannigan Peak.  The views from the top were outstanding.

The mountain accross the valley was heavily glaciated.


More pretty mountains

Me on the Hannigan Peak trail.

Mike on the Hannigan Peak trail

Back in the national forest we stopped at Nooksack Falls.

We camped in the national forest near the town of Glacier for the night.


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