Day 5
Chicken Springs to Horseshoe Meadow

Another day was sunny and hot after the morning chill.

More uphill climbing as we regain elevation to cross Cottonwood Pass.

The descent down from Cottonwood Pass was very steep
From the pass horseshoe Meadow and the cars are off in the distance. 
Mike Alspaugh puts in the final miles of the trip.
We spent the night in Lone Pine and drove the next day through Death Valley to Las vegas.

We stopped at
Scottys Castle in Death Valley a really strange place and story.
I never seem to get good pictures of Mike Alspaugh on these trips.  He always seems to be wandering around someplace else when I take a picture so I included this one of him and the interior of Scottys Castle.
The courtyard in Scottys Castle.
After dropping Mike Reilly at the airport we drove to Boulder Dam for a tour to kill some time before out flight back to Buffalo.

The trip home was uneventful.

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