Day 4
Soldier Lake to Chicken Springs

Everyday was sunny and hot but began sunny and cold.
We left the Soldier Lake Valley behind and took a connecting trail to the Pacific Crest Trail for our return to Horseshoe Meadow.

We hiked through an area known as Siberia because it is so barren and empty.
Although Chicken Springs is downhill from Soldier Lake the day's hike was predominantly uphill as we climbed up out of the Siberian meadow.
More uphill as we climb up the mountainside. 

Well you can never get to much uphill on a hike that's what I always say.
We finally regain all the elevation we gave up coming down Army Pass.
The footing became very difficult as we hiked through a sandy area. 
In places it looked like the beach.
After hiking uphill all day long you lose all the elevation on a steep descent into Chicken Springs.
Our camp at Chicken Springs was in a very stark but very beautiful place.

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