Day 3
Soldier Lake

As you can see from the dress, the next morning was cold once again.

We planned to lay over in camp for a day to rest before making our way back across the pass. 

But, we quickly got bored.
Mike and I took a hike around Soldier Lake while Bob was taking pictures.
After lunch we decided to hike to a lake located up the mountainside.

Baltimore Mike and I are fond of trails.  On the other hand, the Alspaugh brothers, well they just can't resist bushwhacking through young willow bushes whenever they get the chance.

Next up was a scramble up the mountain side.
It was steep and rocky all the way.
At the top was a beautiful and isolated mountain lake. 
It was really quite spectacular up there.  Granite rock all around.
Mt Langley is seen in the distance. 
The trees were quite large on these almost barren hillsides.  It seemed strange to us that nothing much grows out of the rock but big trees.

Since we are in Sequoia National Park we figure these are Sequoia trees.

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