Day 1
Horseshoe meadow to Cottonwood Lake

Bob, Buffalo Mike, and I flew from Buffalo to Las Vegas where we met up with Baltimore Mike.

Rode through Death Valley on the way to Lone Pine to begin the hike.

As you can see Death Valley is the lowest place on earth that is not under water.
Buffalo Mike is sweltering in the 115 degree heat as he examines a natural spring pool in Death Valley.
Outside the permit office in Lone Pine the mountains rise up 12,000 feet out of the plains.  Somewhat reminiscent of the Grand Tetons but much drier.

It's a quite impressive view.
We camped the night at Horseshoe Meadow and began the hike the next morning.

Baltimore Mike gets outfitted and squared away by Bob.
Looks like I'm ready to get started.
First you have to hike out of the parking lot. 

Buffalo Mike is ready to go as well.
The hike was going well so far. 
Mike was experiencing a bit of altitude sickness as was Bob I think.  However both recovered quickly an didn't seem to have problems the rest of the trip.
Nearing our first camp on Cottonwood Lake Number 2, Mike Reilly turns around to see if anyone is actually following him.
Our first camp near Cottonwood Lake Number 2.

Camping on the lake shore is not permitted and is not practical given how wet the shoreline is.
The best camping is found on these alluvial fans.  Although strewn with boulders, there are sandy flat spaces to pitch a tent.
New Army Pass looms over the camp in the distance. 

Although we climbed 2,000 in day 1 Army Pass is still another 1,300 foot climb to get the the top.
Bob is fixing dinner as I relax in the rock lounge. 

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