It started in1965 with a tv program called American Adventure.  The first episode featured a raft trip in the Grand Canyon.  I got this idea that when I graduated from college I would camp across the USA and see the western national parks that were featured each week on this show.  

In 1970 after our first year of teaching we had a summer coming up and I broached the idea of this cross country trip camping trip.  Peggi and I have both often said how life changing that trip was.  Nobody we knew ever did anything like this.  Just planning the trip in the pre internet days was not easy and, of course, neither of us had camped for more than a few days at a time.  But the middle of June 1970 we were off for six weeks and 9,000 miles to California and back.

I've always appreciated Peggi's willingness to participate in these activities.  Some of them have been difficult. Some didn't work out as planned.  But all of them in one way or another have enriched our lives.

To the right is our 1970 camping outfit.

One of our first stops was the Grand Canyon.  I had tried to get reservations for the mule trip 6 months before but they were filled up. 

When we got to the Grand Canyon Peggi said that we should check at the reservation desk because people are bound to not show up for their reservation.

Sure enough there was a waiting list.  You had to be there at 8 am ready to go.  We put our name on the list for each day but got to go the very next morning.

Peggi all saddled up and ready to go.

The next stops were Sequoia and Yosemite. At Yosemite I learned that  although the national parks were crowded, all you had to do was push in off the road a little bit and the crowd disappeared.

Peggi is swimming in Yosemite Creek a little ways upstream from the falls observation area.
In 1972 I bought a book called Farm and Ranch Vacation Guide.  It was full of working farms and ranches that would put up guests.  I found a place in Colorado about 15 miles north of Dillon. I don't know what it was called, we just always refer to it as Beulah's place. 

Beulah's was a working ranch.  The cow hand herded the cows on a motor bike. There were a few cabins with no running water. The horses were in the meadow. You got up in the morning, chased a horse into the corral, saddled him up, and rode into the mountains by yourself.  Can you imagine such a place today?

This is a picture of Peggi on our ride to Boulder Lake.   The picture is quite faded but it was always one of my favorite photos. She always did sit well in the saddle.
Pony trekking in Wales. Adam was 14 that year so this is 1988.
I never would have thought that we would end up skiing as much as we have.  It was a timeshare offer at Shawnee on the Delaware that got Peggi on skis and the middle and high school ski clubs that made us regular skiers.  Of course, MUs first western trip to Breckenridge helped a lot.  Anyway, a western ski trip with the Festive Decent Ski Club has become an annual event.

Peggi, Steve, and I on the slopes at The Canyons in Park City.
One of Peggi's favorite ski runs around the back side at Deer Valley in Park City.
On the slopes at Breckenridge
So it's 1972 and I  see an article in the Baltimore Sun papers about rafting on the Youghiogheny River in western Pa.  Well that sounded like fun! So I talked Peggi and my brother Bob and sister-in-law Ginny into going on this raft trip.  Two weeks after Agnes we're standing on the banks of the Yough while the park decides whether to allow the trip to run at the highest levels ever.  Sure why not? The first rapids, Cucumber Rapids, three of us go over board.  Bob managed to hang in the raft. 

To Peggi's credit she got back in the raft and I've managed to get her into a lot of rafts since, on the Yough, Maline, Arkansas, Ottawa, Hudson, some river in Nova Scotia, and of course the Colorado.

To the right is a raft expedition during our trip to Costa Rico.
Then there is the Colorado.  To me this is the greatest trip in the world.  Over 6 days you run the biggest whitewater that is run by a commercial rafter, take side hikes to some magical grottos, and sleep out on the beach in the desert.

We're getting ready to hit on the big waves in Hermit Rapid.  Peggi is in the blue hat.  I'm under that wall of water sweeping over the raft.
Legs go flying as the wave smashes against the people on the bench and a side hit folds the raft along the center line.   
Parasailing in Ocean City Maryland
Riding the zip line in Costa Rica
Horseback riding in Glacier National Park
This was a fun outing on the Canadian side of Glacier. We rented these bikes and rode up to the lake and back.
Canoeing on the Jefferson River in Montana
In recent years we have started traveling to more exotic and far off places before we get to old to do it. 

This is outside the Temple of Isis transplanted on the island of Philae just south of Aswan Egypt.
Standing on the Great Wall of China
Climbing the 13 stories to the Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet. Lhasa sits at 12,000 feet so this was a hard climb.

I guess that's enough pictures for this page. 

Check out yacovissi.com for other photo trip journals.