As most of you know Peggi is quite a fabric artist and in recent years quilting has caught her attention and become an important part of her life. 

The Quilt Guild has also become an important outlet for her creative talents as well as a source of many friendships.

She has had a quilt displayed in the Schweinfurth Art Center Auburn NY and recently sold a quilt displayed in the museum store at the Pennsylvania State Museum.

Below is a very small selection of Peggi's work.

This is a quilt Peggi made for my parents 60th wedding anniversary.  
Jonah and his Thomas the Train quilt  
These quilts frame the Sanctuary in the Presbyterian Church.

The quilts below show Peggi's fondness for design.
This one is called SticknStones.
Something different, a purple patch quilt jacket.
Peggi working on one of her first quilts with her Aunt Libby. 

This was a 40th anniversary quilt for her parents.