Older Generation              

The Leaverton family home on Stonington Avenue.
Robert Lyle Leaverton and Elizabeth T. (Thomas) Leaverton
Peggi's parents.  

Known as Bob and Betty to their friends, Peggi's mother knew 
how to have a good time.
  Bob and Betty at their 40th wedding anniversary in 1977. 


Betty (Thomas) Leaverton at a younger age
Bob Leaverton later in his life
Jean Koons, Peggi's godmother and a lifetime friend of Betty's. She was a successful bank executive at a time when there were not many woman bankers.
Aunt Libby, Elizabeth Cochran,  was Betty's cousin and a lifetime presence in the Leaverton household.
Peggi's Aunt Mary and Cousin Betty.  Mary was Betty's sister. 
Uncle Pete who was married to Mary 
Gary Hall Leaverton and Jennie Louise (Laughlin) Leaverton, Peggi's grandparents.

I never met Jennie. I did know Gary who was called George for some reason I never quite got. 
Peggi's grandmother, Jennie 


Mary Louise Bals, Peggi's great grandmother    
Enos Leaverton, Peggi's great grandfather