meg & tony              
Some of you have met Meg and Tony, our more adventurous and cooler alter egos.  Others of you have not.  Well here is the story of Meg and Tony.

We tried traveling once as Meg and Tony but we didn't carry it off very well.
We met at Peggi's senior prom.  I knew a lot of girls at Western High School but I didn't know her. 

I was with a blind date. Why I agreed to a blind date for a senior prom I'll never know. A senior prom is a gazillion dollars on a girl I don't know.  Worse I find out after I agree to take her that she doesn't even live in Baltimore anymore. Well I told her I would take her so I took her.  Some of you have heard this whole story.

I met Peggi at the prom but in all honesty, I didn't remember her.  That's why I say she met me four months before I met her.
It's September and I'm walking through the student center at Towson State and I see some guys I know from Calvert Hall, my high school.

They call to me and one of the guys, Jack Tier(sic) is with this cute blond. She said she knew me but that's when I met her.  Well Jack didn't last very long in this mix.

I suppose there isn't really love at first sight but it sure didn't take long for us to decide to get married.
But being very sensible and responsible people we were engaged for three years. 

We saved money so we could afford one semester in school together. Peggi took classes in the summer and graduated a semester early and got a teaching job while I had one more semester to go. Peggi taught at Thomas Johnson in South Baltimore and later at Leith Walk.

It was a long term plan but it worked fine.
This is a staged picture from our honeymoon at Paradise Valley in the Poconos. 
Another picture from our honeymoon.  Talk about terminal cuteness.
We rented an apartment in the second floor of a small house a few blocks from campus. 
We got a cat which we named Susquehanna and called Susie Q for short.  When we moved to Ridge Gardens we had to give up the cat but my mother took her in where she was well cared for and pampered.
We graduated from Towson State College in June 1969.  I worked construction that summer then started my job at Northwestern High School.  Peggi continued at Thomas Johnson .
We moved to Ridge Garden Apartments. 

My parents gave us $2,000 toward the $2,800 Chevelle Malibu.

We went to our college senior prom together.  Count Basie was the band.  Judy Garland and Tony Bennett dropped in to say hi.  This is true.
One plan that didn't come to fruition was for me to go to graduate school in fall 1970.  The plan was to give up the apartment, tour the country, then move to wherever I was going to go to school. 

No one offered me any money so we dropped the graduate school part of the plan.  Two weeks after we made that decision I got a call from Western Kentucky to give me money but I wasn't going to change my mind again.

When we came back from our western trip we had to get a new apartment at Perring Village.  We never really like this place. 
From the start we lived on one salary and banked the other so we had no problem coming up with 20% down payment on this $19,500 house on Joppa Road.
The house had a nice yard.  We got two new cats Guinevere the black cat and Penelope the calico.  Here's a test for viewers.  Can you say how the two names are related.
After four years of teaching Peggi and I both had enough of that.  I started an evening masters program in Urban Planning at Morgan State and got a job as an Urban Planner with the Baltimore Regional Planning Council.  Peggi stayed home and began thinking about getting pregnant.

I come home one day and she tells me she is going to enter some things in the Maryland State Fair. She wins first prize for strawberry jam and brownies, second for peach jam, and second for this rug pull. I may have forgotten others.

She won again the next year for the jam and brownies.  After that I think she retired as undefeated champ.
I quickly tired of working in downtown Baltimore doing an 1:15 minute commute each way so I started looking for county planning jobs in more rural areas such as Frederick or Hagerstown Maryland.  I also applied up and down the Blue Ridge in Virginia and West Virginia.  I never thought of Pennsylvania. 

One day in the APA newsletter I saw a job for Mansfield State College.  It seems the Geography Department had started a concentration in Regional Planning and they were looking for me. 

The rest as they say is histroy.