Adam was born December 30, 1974 
Cub scout badges were important
Adam built some nifty model rockets. They kept getting bigger so we  outgrew the backyard and went up to the high school. One day we launched one that flew over the football field during practice.  Other than bringing practice to a halt, no harm was done.
A new middle school band uniform and trumpet
Scouting was always important. Adam earned his Eagle Scout badge, a significant achievement.
Adam went to Space Camp before the movie came out and made the place popular.
Adam decked out in his full astronaut gear
Adam graduated from Mansfield University in 1998. He lives in Fairfax Virginia and works for the Daughters of the American Republic in their library
Along the way we picked up a second son, Bill.
Having two children the same age sometimes required an explanation 
Bill also enjoyed being in scouts
Played drums in the Mansfield University band
Bill is leading the pack coming back out of the Havasu Canyon
Bill graduated from Mansfield University in 2004
Bill is married to Robin, has four girls, lives in Millersburg, Pa., and teaches Mathematics at Millersburg High.
Peggi's niece Jennifer and nephew Gary, Ron's children with Adam and Nancy
Gary and Jennifer a little bit older
Patty's children Aaron and Ethan